MKT630 Assignment 1 Fall 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

MKT630 Assignment 1 Fall 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

International Marketing (MKT630)
Topic: Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior
Marks: 10

 The main objective of this assignment is to make the students understand various characteristics affecting consumer behavior in International markets

 After attempting this assignment, students will be able to understand the importance of cultural factors affecting consumer behavior in international markets.

When we talk about the consumer behavior, we see multitude of factors affecting consumer behaviors. These factors may be social, cultural, psychological, or personal. Only focusing on culture, we may notice that cultural variables are far more influential as culture is the main binding element which holds the homogeneities of the individuals living in a specific geographical boundary.
Marketers now a days are smarter then ever before. They are focusing on these ideologies and are more flexible operating in different geographic domains.
A well-known skin care brand “Fair and Lovely” by Unilever has recently rebranded itself to “Glow and Lovely”, changing the entire positioning according to the modern values. This change is due to the fact that the brand realized that Asian society has a traditional dark skin tones which cannot be compared to the western white skin tones. Considering the fact that this dark skin tones are perceived as a curse in many Asian societies; this is an extra ordinary adjustment by the brand as it propagates the ideology that dark skin should not be the emblem of any complex rather it should be treated as the identity of Asian society. Brand has removed the words like fairness, whitening or lightning and used the word “Glow”. The brand now emphasizes on the fact that whatever the skin tone may be, it should have the glow. Fair and Lovely has built its image as a whitening cream over the years but now changing the ideology to Glow and Lovely, it is too early to predict the perception of Asian consumers that how will they take this change?

After reading the above case, do you think rebranding by “Fair and Lovely” will help the brand maintaining its established image across Asian countries and what may be the possible reasons
behind this change? Justify your answer by providing at least three valid arguments. (4+6=10 Marks)

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