MGT510 Assignment 2 Spring 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

MGT510 Assignment 2 Spring 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

MGT510 Assignment 2 Spring 2024

MGT510 Assignment 2 Spring 2024 solution idea:



TOPIC: “Organizational Model”

Question 1. Being a student of TQM, you are required to identify the organizational model of The Sweet and Sound Cafe and discuss the goal, nature of environment and structural rationality of the restaurant. (1 + 6 marks).

Answer: Total quality model is organizational model of the Sweet and Sound Cafe. Goal: Long-term survival. Role/nature of environment: Blurred organization and environmental boundaries. Structural rationality: Horizontal processes beginning with suppliers and ending with customers and supported by teams.


Question 2. You are required to suggest two merits and one demerit of the organizational model that the restaurant is practicing. (2 + 1 marks)


1-This creates customer loyalty and earns their continued business.

2-Which reduces turnover and saves money on training and mistakes due to inexperience.


1-Training programs must be taken full circle through evaluation and measured outcomes. One reason some companies focus on training is because it is tangible and easy to show that something was done. But unless training is followed up with ongoing coaching, the knowledge and skills it provides are unlikely to stick.

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