ENG513 Assignment 1 Spring 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

ENG513 Assignment 1 Spring 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

ENG513 Assignment 1 Spring 2024

Credit: Maha Malik



Language Teaching Methods (ENG513)


Spring 2024

Assignment – 1

Total Marks: 20

Lectures: 1-10 Instructions:

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  1. By taking help from non-book materials like transcripts of famous movie monologues/dialogues   and  print advertisements, design      two               comprehensive             activities    that   focus    on    teaching ‘Reading’ in a foreign language classroom.                                                      (20 Marks)

I love language lessons which involve an element of reading. This is because there are so many opportunities for learning and improving language acquisition with topic-related texts. Reading activities are the perfect starting point to learn rich topic-related vocabulary (adjectives, nouns, verbs etc), pick up new grammar structures, and steal ‘star phrases’ and ultimately improve comprehension and improve language acquisition skills.

According to Moeller & Meyer (1995), reading, even at a slow pace exposes students to more sentences, grammar, and new vocabulary per minute than the average short class, TV show, or song. So, if you are in a rut with how you present and teach your reading activities, get an innovative injection of pre-reading activities and post-reading activities below.

All of these reading ideas for the language classroom can be used in any post-beginner language classroom for teaching English lessons.


1.     Gap-Fill Transcript Dictation Reading Activity (Individual)

Provide students with a copy of the text, with gaps. I suggest three forms, one with verbs missing, the second with nouns missing and the third with adjectives missing. Distribute the sheets so they have people around them who had the same sheet. The students must individually fill in the words as they listen. You could read again if necessary. Once finished, get learners to check they have spelled the words correctly by discussing (not showing!) with their neighbours.


2.     Wrong Words Reading Activity (Individual)

The teacher provides students with a copy of the text with a selection of incorrect words. As they listen to the text being read, they must highlight the word they hear that is incorrect. Go through  a second time, and this time, the students must write in the correct words. This will give the students an idea of the text before they do any comprehension activities.


3.     Key Word Bingo – Vocabulary Based Reading Activity (Individual)

From the text, read 5-20 words (dependent on text length) at random in L2. Students must cross them off as they hear them.


4.     True or False? – Post-Reading Activity (Alone)

Once students have read the text through properly, allow them 5 minutes to create a list of true or false statements. These can be given to a peer to answer if time allows.


5.     Summarise The Text – Post Reading Activity (Individual)

Once students have read the text, advise that they must underline the key messages, depending on the size of the text. I recommend advising a maximum number. Students must then combine and re-word these ideas to summarise the whole text in a set number of words.

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