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BT503 GDB solution Fall 2024:


What is the scope of Environmental Biotechnology in Pakistan? Is this field significantly established or it may have some scope in near future? Explain your answer in points, giving justified reasons to support your favored point of view.



Environmental biotechnology deals about the issues and their solution about the environment by using different types of microbes. This branch also helps to reduce the sewage waste produced by different kinds of industrial and also working to discover different ways to dispose the sewage waste. It primarily focuses on improving biological systems. It is a cross-disciplinary where the experts focus on creating new products, analyze them and their relationships which helps in developing the environment. An environmental biotechnology is a combination of both biology and professional engineering where the students work of developing the remediate contaminated sites like microbes, bacteria, fungi, biologists of this stream undertake researches on these organisms and breakdown them and convert them into harmless organelles which can be beneficial to the environment.

Yes, I think this field is significant and will have been scopes in Pakistan.

  1. This branch of biotechnology is working with use of microbes to remove different kinds of environmental pollutants from the environment, thus having a great revolution in
  2. Environmental biotechnology will also be focus in the crops and they modify the genetic makeup of plants which helps them to protect the crops from any kind of weather conditions. Crops don’t affect by the water pollution and environmental
  3. Environmental biotechnology will focus for the production of Biofuel which will use in all kinds of transporter vehicles that’s help to keep the environment because Biofuel doesn’t produce harmful gaseous.



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