BIO302 GDB Spring 2024 – GDB – Solution VU

BIO302 GDB Spring 2024 – GDB – Solution VU

Bio302 Molecular Biology. Student Id Bc200413516
Corona virus have been studied for more than 50 years .In December 2019 ,there was an out break of virus in Wuhan ,China which raised the concern across the Whole World .It is SARS family virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).
“co” stands for corona
“vi” stands for virus
“d” stands for disease
“19” stands for 2019
Covid-19 (corona viruse disease 2019).
Covid-19 is positive sense RNA virus .Covid-19 virus sturcturally contain spikes,membrane protein,envelope protein,lipid bilayer,nucleocapsid and RNA.
Molecular Biology plays an important role in the production of Covid-19 Panademic vaccine.As the Covid-19 virus is protien enveloped and also lipid bilayer so to distungiush the life pattern we take help from Molecular Biology to study this.After molecular biology provides the authentic information it may make the scintists to know more about the Covid-19 envelope breakage and also its antibody .In this regard molecular biology play an informative role in researching of Covid-19 vaccine .The CT scan of Covid-19 virus taken by scintists to know about whole structure of virus.Then protein coat lysis is also from the help of molecular biology .As molecular biology gives the protinease enzyme for the lysis of protein coat.The formation of dead antibodies of Covid-19 is called Covid-19 vaccine.
Nucleic Acid Test (RT-PCR) is the primary method for diagnosis of Covid-19 which is based on RT-PCR .In this technique ,according to laboratory testing for Covid-19 ,the suspected human sample are taken from upper resoiratory tract or lower respiratory tract .
In view of short supply of Covid-19 detection kits and false -negative rate of RT -PCR ,CT SCAN are also temoprarily being used of Covid-19 clinical vaccine .According to WHO
(WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) ,the primary priority is to improve patient screening with integeration of nucleic acid testing and serological testing based on protien qualification in molecular biological lab .In this way,scintist able to make vaccine of Covid-19 with the great and comprehensive work of molecular Biology .

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