AIOU Solved Assignment 1 & 2 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2024

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AIOU Solved Assignment code MA 671 Autumn & Spring 2024 Assignment 1& 2  Course:Educational Psychology (671) M.A Special education Spring 2024. AIOU past papers

Educational Psychology (671) M.A Special education
Autumn & Spring 2024

AIOU Solved Assignment 1 & 2 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2024

Selecting a Text
When selecting a literary work to illustrate your course materials, consider both its applicability and the reading level of your students. If you are considering the psychology of gender, for example, you might choose either Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando” or Ursula K. LeGuin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness.” The Woolf novel, about an Elizabethan courtier who begins life as a man but inexplicably becomes female, is better suited to advanced or college-level students. The LeGuin, a science-fiction novel of a planet where the people are genderless except during their monthly reproductive cycle, is more accessible to high schoolers.
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Defining a Goal
Determine in advance what your goal is for the assignment. You might choose to have your students select a number of characters from the work and categorize their psychological condition. For an alternative approach, you might assign each student a single character, such as Raskolnikov from Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” and have them explain the development of his psychological state through the novel. For a more challenging project, have them analyze an unreliable narrator, such as the protagonist of Kazuo Ishiguro’s “A Pale View of Hills.
Critical Thinking

AIOU Solved Assignment 1 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2024

A potential criticism of literary works as a teaching tool is that they can be misleading. While the characters can present vivid and apparently realistic examples of specific behaviors or psychological conditions, it’s important to remember that they are not real, living people and their actions are limited by the author’s imagination. However, this apparent weakness can constitute an important strength. It requires students to exercise critical thinking, exactly as they would when interviewing a patient or research subject. If you can guide them to an understanding of this during classroom discussions, their education will be enriched by it.
If you become a regular classroom teacher, you will come into contact with one or more students who are exceptional. There are many different types of exceptional students, including the gifted and talented, as well as students experiencing sensory handicaps, communication disorders, physical and health impairments, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, and mental retardation.
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Examples of education psychology
Every academic discipline, from literature and history to sociology and theology, has competing theories or schools of thought: perspectives from which to study the subject. Psychology, the study of the mind, has hundreds of theories and sub theories, but it is possible to identify six main schools of thought every psychology student should know.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2024

Functionalism has the most influence of any theory in contemporary psychology. Psychological functionalism attempts to describe thoughts and what they do without asking how they do it. For functionalists, the mind resembles a computer, and to understand its processes, you need to look at the software — what it does — without having to understand the hardware — the why and how underlying it.
Gestalt Psychology
According to Gestalt psychologists, the human mind works by interpreting data through various laws, rules or organizing principles, turning partial information into a whole. For example, your mind might interpret a series of lines as a square, even though it has no complete lines; your mind fills in the gaps. Gestalt psychotherapists apply this logic to problem-solving to help patients.
Psychoanalytic theory, which originated with Sigmund Freud, explains human behavior by looking at the subconscious mind. Freud suggested that the instinct to pursue pleasure.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2024

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