MCM101 Assignment 2 Fall 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

MCM101 Assignment 2 Fall 2024 – Assignments – Solution VU

MCM101 Assignment 2 Fall 2024 Solution idea:

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Background: Perhaps most affected of all areas due to watching TV is the cultural changes that have come about over the years. TV dramas and discussion programs have largely influenced the thought process of many on normal living to acculturation by seeing the blaze of exotic life style.

Q.1 How do you see the role of TV in changing the culture of Pakistan regarding dress, food, and language? Discuss by giving relevant examples. (10 Marks)

Answer: The youth of Pakistan is taking inspiration from foreign TV shows and celebrities and their lifestyle and fashion behavior have greatly influenced by dominant foreign culture, it supports the idea presented in cultural imperialism theory.

Role of TV in Changing Language Culture: –

The programmers telecast through satellite TV channels and on cable TV networks in Pakistan are predominantly western and Indian. The promotion of American, European and Indian culture via dramas, movies, music programs, skits, etc., telecast on various satellite TV channels escalate change in local culture and values. Pakistanis tend to be more appreciative of the foreign cultures being promoted than their local values and trends. Therefore, they prefer adopting this foreign culture hence leading towards a change in our society. Our new generation is so much involved with a foreign culture that it’s getting away from the local dresses. They hardly know its actual and indigenous values, cultures and traditions. And those few who are followers of their own culture are thought to be outdated or backward. The fascination of the English Language is so much that many Pakistanis, who are fluent in English Language is a status symbol, and the people speaking Urdu are considered illiterate. They are creating an inferiority complex among those who do not have good command on English but speak excellent Urdu. Further Urdu language is getting unwanted additions due to the invasion of foreign words (Hindi and English). A new language which is a mix of Urdu, English and Hindi words is emerging.

Role of TV in Changing Food Culture: –

Initially, international networks like BBC Food introduced the trend of food channels and now in Pakistan, there are three 25- hours dedicated food channels i.e., Masala TV, Ziarat and Zauk TV. The Hum Network Limited (HNL) has launched the “Masala TV” channel which is the most popular media network in Pakistan. The meal preferences have changed from chappati and rice to Subway, KFC and McDonalds. Instead of traditional drinks, Pepsi and Coke have found its way into our homes.

Role of TV in Changing Dress Culture: –

 The majority of the TV viewer’s got inspiration about new fashion trends from cable networks and adopting new trends. Female dresses are being westernized and these in costumes are due to the cable TV networks especially because of the Pakistani independent channels as they have to share in the promotion of western lifestyles. Pakistani viewer’s whole lifestyle is being eclipsed by foreign media. Cable TV channels have become the source from which the young viewers get inspiration about new trends, fashion and dresses.

The radio brought news from across the oceans and from inland without distinction. The announcements about weather and trains/flights schedule have been an added advantage to radio listeners.

Q.2 How do you see the role of different radio stations in giving traffic updates like informing people about traffic jam and helping the ambulances to reach their destination quickly for preventing lives?

 (5 marks)

Answer: Traffic reporting is the near real-time distribution of information about road conditions such as traffic congestion, detours and traffic collisions. The reports help drivers anticipate and avoid traffic problems. Traffic reports, especially in cities, may also report on major delays to mass transmit that does not necessarily involve roads. The media is popularly known to be a channel of information and education, one of which is indisputable fact that radio is a very useful tool in dissemination of information and education while it is widely known as an agent of change and transformation. This is generally so because radio cuts across literacy barrier. In many European countries, the radio service combines traffic information with weather, gas, petrol and diesel prices. Navigation can provide on- screen alerts and even indicate the traffic flow rate. Usually, the driver can trap a traffic icon to receive information on how long the delay is, what type of obstruction (accident, construction, lane closing) and then decide whether or not to detour around a trouble spot. A promiscuous listener, he often switches between stations until content (music or speech) grabs his attention. However, given his work as a lorry driver and other time spent in the car, he will often default to local radio for local traffic updates and other information.

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