CS606 GDB Fall 2024 – GDB – Solution VU

CS606 GDB Fall 2024 – GDB – Solution VU

CS606 GDB Fall 2024 Solution idea:

A source code can directly be translated into its target machine code, then why at all we need to translated the source code into an intermediate code which is then translated into its target code? Let us see the reason why we need an intermediate code.

Intermediate code removes the need of a new full compiler for every unique machine by keeping the analysis sections same for all the given compliers.

If compiler translates source language to its target machine language without having the option for generating intermediate code, then for each new machine a full native compiler is required.

The second part of compiler, synthesis is changed according to the target machine.

It becomes easier to apply the source code modifications to improve code performance by applying code optimization technique on the intermediate code.

If we generate machine code directly from source code then for n target machine we will have optimization and code generators but if we will have a machine independent intermediate code, we will have only one optimizer. Intermediate code can be either language specific or language independent.

cs606 gdb solution

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