Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 5404 Spring 2024

Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 5404 Spring 2024

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Course: Compulsory English-I (5404)
Semester: Spring, 2024

Q.1   In Section A of Unit 1, you have studied how to ask different types of questions and give answers. Read the statements given below and convert them into questions. Follow the example.          

         Example:           Statement: She is working in Peshawar.

                                    Question: Where is she working?

  1. He can help us.

Why they help me?

  1. I have done my homework.

Am I do my homework?

         iii.     She is reciting the holy Quran.

Is she reading holy Quran?

  1. He will be very busy tomorrow.

Is he busy tomorrow?

  1. She writes a letter every day.

Does she write a letter?

  1. He missed the bus yesterday.

Was he missed bus yesterday?

         vii.    I may go to see my uncle tomorrow.

Where he go tomorrow?

         viii.   Ali was playing football.

What is playing ail?

  1. He would be able to help us.

Is they help me?

  1. Sania had been working since morning.

Why she working in morning?

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 5404 Spring 2024

Q.2   In Section B of Unit 1, you have learnt how to construct Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense sentences. Fill in each of the following blank with the correct simple present or continuous tense.        

  1. María ____________ (work) for a TV station.

Maria working for a TV station.

  1. At the moment she ____________ (travel) in the Sahara Desert.

At the moment she traveling in the Sahara Desert.

         iii.     Ali ____________ (love) wild animals.

Ali loving wild animals.

  1. He ____________ (not visit) Kashmir at the moment.

He is not visiting Kashmir at the moment.

  1. Mariam ____________ (not live) in Lahore.

Mariam is not living in Lahore.

  1. She ____________ (stay) in Islamabad at the moment.

She is staying in Islamabad at the moment.

         vii.    My parents ____________ (go) to Murree every year.

My parents going to Murree every year.

         viii.   My sister ____________ (walk) to school every day.

My sister walks to school every day.

  1. We ____________ (have) lunch now.

We having lunch now.

  1. My mother usually ____________ (go) shopping on Saturdays.

My mother going shopping on Saturdays.

AIOU Solved Assignment 1 Code 5404 Spring 2024

Q.3   In Section A of Unit 2, you have read about how to seek confirmation and how to          make confirmation questions. Suppose someone has given you the following   statements, how will you ask for confirmation and use tag questions? Follow the    example.                                                                                                

         Example:           Someone: I have 11 children.         

                                    You: You have 11 children? Haven’t you?

  1. Ali has visited sixteen countries.

Has you visit sixteen countries? Hasn’t you?

  1. I was here early morning.

Was you here in morning? Wasn’t early morning?

  • He doesn’t have six fingers in his left hand.

Have you not six figure in left hand? Have you?

  1. I have walked all the way from Murree to Islamabad.

Have you walked from murree to Islamabad? Haven’t walked all way?

  1. Your phone number is 0301-432-1232.

Is 0301-432-1232 your number? Is not your?

  1. The balance in your account is 70,000.

70,000 is your account balance? Isn’t your?

  • My mother prays five times a day.

Is your mother pray five time a day? Isn’t pray?

  • She was not a house wife.

Was she a house wife? Wasn’t?

  1. I am working in a bank now a day.

Are you working in bank? Aren’t?

  1. I would not have helped you even if I could.

Can you would not help me? Can’t help?

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 5404 Spring 2024

Q.4   In Section C of Unit 2, you have learnt synonyms and antonyms as part of vocabulary. Write down the synonyms and antonyms of the following words. Follow the example.      


         Example:           Small               Little               Large

                                    Bright             Light               Bold

                                    Heavy             Big                  Loaded

                                    New                Latest              unused

                                    Give                donate             give up

                                    Easy                simple              opposite

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 5404 Autumn 2024

Q.5   In Section B of Unit 2, you are taught how to construct and use Present Perfect Tense. Convert the following sentences into Present Perfect Tense.

  1. She is cooking the meal.

She has cooked the meal.

  1. The professor will be teaching.

The professor has teaches.

         iii.     He goes to school daily.

He has going to school daily.

  1. Mr. Ali went to the bank.

Mr. Ali has went to bank.

  1. I was writing a letter.

I have written a letter.

  1. She has been watching the kids.

She has watched the kids.

         vii.    You will have been teaching him for hours.

You have teaches him for hours.

         viii.   He had been regularly going to the dentist.

He has regularly go to dentist.

  1. Tom will read the book.

Tom has studied the book.

  1. He goes to mosque every day.

He has go to mosque everyday.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 5404

Q.6   In Section A of Unit 3, different ways of agreeing and disagreeing with someone’s ideas, opinions or arguments are given. Read the statements given below and do as directed. Follow the example.           

         Example:           Statement: Don’t you like cricket? (disagree strongly)

                                    Agreeing: No I think all games are waste of time.

  1. Pakistanis are good hosts. (agree strongly)

No, I think this is not true.

  1. Ali is a good player. (Agree in parts)

No, he is not good player.

  • Can you do the laundry tonight? (Disagree)

Yes, I do the laundry tonight.

  1. Students are all disrespectful. (Disagree strongly)

Yes, all students are not know about respect.

  1. Exercise is good for health. (Agree)

No, it’s not good for health.

AIOU Solved Assignment 1 Code 5404

Q.7   In Section A of Unit 4, expressing possibility and impossibility is taught to you.  Write about your plans, intensions, wishes and dreams that you think will perhaps come true (five sentences) and the things that you think might not be possible to happen (five sentences). Follow the example. 

         Examples:         I may get married this year.

                                    I might not get promotion this year.


  • I may clear my master.
  • I may get job this year.
  • I may get married this year.
  • I may get free tour of Europe from university.
  • I may get free from virus.


  • I might not clear my master.
  • I might not get job this year.
  • I might not get married this year.
  • I might not get free tour of Europe from university.
  • I might not get free from virus.

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 5404 Autumn 2024

Q.8   In section B of Unit 4, you have learnt about Modal Verbs. Give suggestions in response to the following statements using the following modal verbs. Following the example:        

         Can, might, should, must, may, could

         Example:           He is sneezing and coughing.

         Suggestion:        He should take some medicine for flue.


  1. I need to get good grades in exam.

Extend time of your studies.

  1. Ali has tooth ache.

Please, visit any dentist.

  • Maria has burned her hand while cooking.

Be careful, and get medicine for burning hand.

  1. You are late for dinner

Please come on time.

  1. She was stuck in traffic.

Too much crowded on road so follow different route.

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